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For those who follow my blog you probably know that I was travelling in Scotland three years ago. And I was already in love with Walker Slater! The quality of their Harris Tweed, the creative display which makes you travel in time, the colours…..! Both mens and ladies shop show a high level of elegance and simplicity; Very British!

So you can image how thrilled I was when I was contacted for a photo shoot with the brand!

The photographer Julien from Truth Pictures planned two different locations for different atmospheres and stories. The first scene was set in the Scott Malt And Whisky Society. I had the chance to taste one of the best whisky I’ve had in my life! The building is chic and glamour. They have different floors with different ambiances. We shot in the bar on the ground level.





The outfit was fitting perfectly the place and the ambience. I felt like a wife waiting for his husband to come back from work. Oh! A little bit more about that “husband”! I was sharing that photo shoot with the famous French Model Guillaume Bo. The talented advice giver of Men need more style. picked outfits for the day.


The second outfit was planned for outdoors. Guillaume, or Gui, is known for his particular style that he defines as gentleman farmer. That’s what inspired the second set.

If you ever visit Edinburgh you should definitely pop into the Walker Slater stores on Victoria street for a good browse!

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