My 5 favourite hairstyles for (scottish) summer.

We all have the dream of long, wavy hair in summer, which looks cute with your playsuit or waves in a soft breeze at the beach.

We all experienced the truth: It wrestles with your sunglasses or sticks too your body when it´s too hot. And after a day with open hair at the beach you have one, big dreadlock.

Luckily the sticky part is not a real topic in Edinburgh, due to the crazy wind we have. And the rain. And the weather changing every ten minutes.

Here are my five favourite hairstyles for this summer. All are Edinburgh weather approved and can be worn casual or more formal.


Ponytail with a twist

I really like this style because it´s so effortless, yet good looking. All you need to do is a low ponytail, then separate a strand and twist it around the hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin underneath.


Herringbone braid ponytail

This one needs a bit more time, depending on how tight you´re braiding it. But you can also do it a bit more messy. Tip: Secure the braid losely with a hair tie, then give it more volume with gently pulling both sides.


Half up

A great hairstyle if you want your hair out of your face, but still open.


Dutch braids with ponytail

I´m not gonna lie, this one is a bit more tricky and needs some practice, but I love it. It was a popular hairstyle in my childhood and it´s still very practical yet fashionable. You could also do it with a french braid, but I like the dutch braid version more, since it add´s more volume to my hair.

Here is a small, braided strand wrapped around the hair tie.

Dutch braids with bun

The perfect look for days where you just need all your hair out of the way. Just twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins.



Photos & Assistance: Darja Bilyk

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