Hair makeover with Toni&Guy

As you maybe have noticed, I don´t really change my hair. Even my „Break-up- new me“ hair makeover mostly includes just cutting the ends and maybe some highlights. Not really something you would connect with Toni & Guy, a hairdresser well known for vibrant rainbow colors and punk-chic haircuts.

But when they asked me to become one of their models for the annual show hold by the London Fashion Week team I couldn´t resist.

I said yes, as long as I didn´t end up with a blue-pink short cut. I really like such hairstyles, I thought about it from time to time, but I just love my long, orange hair too much. But to be honest, it was definitely time for a hair makeover.

During the briefing, Austin found the perfect look for me. „The GIGI“ cut from their 2016 Duality Collection in a vibrant orange.

The show day itself was long but so much fun. I love these long backstage days, getting ready for hours, the exciting vibes and working with creative crews.

We met in the Edinburgh salon with all the models and the local and London team to get cut & colour. I really enjoyed meeting so many lovely, creative and cool people! The team made sure that everyone was happy with the results and took care of us during the long day with coffee, tea and sandwiches. Both things which are not standard during such days.

We had a last minute change with my hair colour. Instead of one copper tone, they used three different ones to create a even more vibrant and fascinating look.

As you can see, I did´t changed too much, but my hair is far more vibrant and vivid than before. Definitely a cut & colour technique I can recommend to everyone who who wants to keep the lengths but still wants it more fancy. All Toni & Guy designs are pieces you can put together as you like, so a fringe is not necessary or can be changed as you want and suits you.









I am really particular when it comes to my hair. I only trusted two hairdressers in my life and I hate when people use straighteners or curling irons on set without any heat protection. But the T&G Team is a perfect choice for people like me. They are really friendly and helpful, ask permission for everything, explain and definitely know what they´re doing.

What do you think about my hair makeover? And are you as particular as me with your hair? Or are you some of those cool girls who change their hair every second week? 🙂 Leave me a comment, can´t wait to hear your stories!

I had a shooting right after the show. I decided to go all goth to celebrate my new hair, which reminds me a bit of the hairstyle I had during my rebellious teenage phase. I´m still in it but without the New Rocks and finger long spikes.

So I really welcome my new haircut to my more Rock’n‘ Roll inspired wardrobe.







The Dress is Ralph Lauren. It´s one of my favorites. It can be worn for formal occasions with a delicate necklace and pumps or as you see here, cool with boots and faux leather jacket.

Boots: Koi Footwear

Thanks to Julien from Truth Pictures!

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