What´s the craic? // St Patrick´s Day Outfit

A festive mood, a Guinness in one hand, a big hat on the head and lot´s of green- St Patrick´s day in one (stereotype) sentence.

Nearly everyone had heard of the irish national holiday nowadays and in more and more countries you can join St Paddys Day events.

I think this holiday is dividing the irish nation like Karneval in Germany. You either love it, or you´re trying to go to the most isolated place you know.

Unfortunately I live with two Irish who don´t like to celebrate. And I must say, I am surprised that this day is not a big thing in Edinburgh either. (Unlike Glasgow, with a considerably large Irish population) Of course, clubs hosting parties, but all in all you couldn´t get any vibes.

But that can´t stop me. Here is a quick Outfit Inspiration for today, in case you´re getting in the mood for having some craic.

Photos: Darja Bilyk


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