A time to slow down.

I sometimes start to feel a bit strange around this time of the year. While I am very excited for autumn and winter with it’s long, cosy evenings, candles, autumn walks and the smell of cold air, I also sometimes feel that it can affect me physically and mentally.

As romantic as cosy days outside, craving pumpkins while having hot chocolate sounds. Most of us have more or less a normal life that means going to work when it’s dark and leaving it when it’s dark again. The decreasing daylight means less time outdoors, less activity and sometimes even less socializing. No more spontaneous BBQ in the meadows or a nice evening walk after work. Even though I try to embrace this time of the year as much as possible, I often feel less energized.

Longer nights usually means more time spent on social media too – and it’s easy to convince ourselves that we could be doing more. As usual, we feel like we should go to pick pumpkins and bake cookies and craft handmade christmas presents. Even though we feel as we can barely keep up with the workload we already have. Simply because it almost seems like everyone else enjoys autumn and winter activities so much more.


A time to slow down.

I think it is important to stop and focus on what the dark seasons really are: A time to slow down. As much as we want every day to be as in „the movies“, it is often not possible. If I feel like I don’t have any energy left, forcing me to do special activities might just make it worse. Therefore I stopped to think I miss out on something and focused more on things that suited my body and mind more. Yes, there are people with lots of energy and lots of friends, always up for something. But I am not. Instead of putting too much on my list and eventually end up with doing nothing at all because I feel overwhelmed, I do small things. Such as reading a book or cooking soup. It might be less instagramy and not a good story to tell, but in the end of the day it made me happy. And worrying less ultimately leaves me with more energy.

Instead, I learned to embrace the seasons at my own pace.


Thanks to Alex for the photos!

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