The perfect outfit for christmas shopping

Christmas has officially kicked in, the citys are covered in decorations and christmas markets. I love the festive atmosphere and I am excited about christmas. The only stressful thing is to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

I always find myself torn between wanting to give something meaningful like a homemade item or something they wish for and buy something. But I want to show my closest friends and family that I know them and have found my own personal gift just for them.. not really easy.

If you not want to buy online you need to drive into the city and walk around a lot, into a shop, out in the cold, into the next shop…

This outfit is just perfect for it. Just add tights, a scarf and your favorite coat.

img_0092 img_0086 img_0099


Bomber Jacket: Only

Dress: Warehouse (similar here)

Shoes: Bugatti

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