Scottish tradition meets modern lifestyle with Nixey

The sporran is most likely the best known piece of Scottish clothing right after the kilt (beside the spills of whisky you will cover yourself in eventually on a night out).

I always envied the Scottish man for being able to wear this practical but fabulous sporran and in the spirit of emancipation I wanted one too.

It stayed a dream till I came across Nixey.

Behind the 1834 Bag

Inspired by her own family history spanning England, Scotland and Ireland, London based Laura-Marie Nixey created the „The 1834 Bag“.

Giving the sporran a makeover, this collection celebrates the celtic spirit of the classic piece of national Scottish, Irish and British military dress.

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern elegance

Britain is well known for its craftsmanship. We can all imagine the small workshops where skilled men and women create unique, timeless pieces. Inspired by heritage, Laura-Marie found a traditional leather-maker in the Scottish Highlands. Every bag is handcrafted with British leather and other materials, which takes time, precision and passion. From cutting and sewing the leather to hand-fitting more than 30 metal components and woolen fabric.

You can feel the quality of the bag. As soon as I held my Nixey I was deeply in love. The leather is flawless, you can see the quality in the stitching and the amazing metal details.

But the 1834 is much more than a normal sporran. Giving it a makeover to complement the modern lifestyle, both men and women can wear it in different ways thanks to the adjustable straps. Wear it as daytime cross-body, around the waist as belt bag for festivals or an evening shoulder bag, there are no limits.It easily fits the essentials like wallet, phone, keys and lipstick.

Why I love my Nixey

This bag is a timeless classic. It is unique and versatile. It can be worn with many different fashion styles, especially as it comes in so many different colours!

The bag is striking and looks and feel very luxurious, while it is still very practical and steady.

As someone who is enthusiastic about small, local businesses a bag designed and created in Britain by few people who are dedicated to craftsmanships and quality, I am just head over heels in love with this brand and can only highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for something special.

I already wore my Nixey on so many night outs and afternoons in the park and got complimented so often. I cannot wait to wear it on the upcoming festivals!


Special thanks  to Laura-Marie for giving me the opportunity to test out her stunning Nixey bag! I absolutely adore my 1834 bag and I am so impressed by the quality and design. Well done and I cannot wait to see what else you will create!




Bag:  1834 Nixey in Chestnut |  Dress: Mango trough Na-Kd |

Thanks to Sara for the photos!

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