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When you live in Scotland it´s always a bit tricky to figure out what to wear, but this time of year can be a real challenge. It’s often jumper or even coat weather when you leave in the morning, but by noon you find yourself wishing you’d worn a t-shirt and of course you left your sunglasses on the kitchen table. Or it´s the other way round. I woke up more than one time to a bright blue sky and singing birds and I wasn´t even half out of the door when I wished for a ski suit.


It´s definetly not only a british problem, but one that makes getting dressed each morning hard for everyone.

So here is my layered outfit to solve that problem at least a bit. Fun fact: We call it „Onion Look“ in Germany, because you wear a lot of layers, just like a onion.



A (faux)- leather jacket is always a good idea. You can combine it with a thicker sweater for the slightly more winter like days or with a light jumper like I did.











My scarf not only blends perfectly in my environment, it also keeps warm against the wind without being too massive. And if it gets too warm, just wear it loose around your neck.











A tip most people doubt at first: Long skirts keep warm. Because the warm air stairs under it. Every grandma knows it. So I decide to wear mostly knee long skirts with warm thighs. And Doc Martens or similar boots with or without extra socks.










Jacket: Vintage

Jumper: Muji

Skirt: Found it in Turkey, similar

Boots: Doc Martens

Chocker: Topshop

Photos: Truth Pictures

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