It´s time to dust off your grandma sweaters- Autumn is here

My favorite month is over and we can´t deny anymore that autumn is here.  At least in Scotland. For my part I am very excited for autumn and winter. The last few days it got dark early, the air was crisp and full of this special autumn smell. We had an amazing summer and I am really looking forward to long nights, candles, colourful leaves and cosy days in bed. I am not looking forward to the Depression which will kick in eventually due to lack of vitamin D but we can talk about this once we´re there.

Until then I will enjoy the days and last warm rays of sunshine as much as possible. For example at the seaside, wrapped up like an onion in oversized grandma sweaters channeling my inner Katie Morag.

As I definitely can’t go for a long days at the beach anymore, all I need are some essentials like phone, keys, wallet and all the shells I am going to collect because I have no impulse control. And they all fit in my Nixey. Which also fits perfectly to every autumn outfit. I just love this small bag. (Also Christmas is approaching so you might want to check this amazing Designer out for an unique christmas present.)




Bag:  1834 Nixey in Chestnut |  Sweater: Mango similar | Scarf: Lochcarron of Scotland Dawson Scarf (on sale)

Thanks to Alex for the photos!

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