Goodbye Coffee- get more work done – BRAINZYME Review

Studying is definitely not easy, and juggling two jobs, a household, traveling, friends, hobbies, parties and good grades sometimes sounds impossible.

I’ve always had trouble concentrating. As soon as I sit down my brain goes ‘whoosh’. My flat is always at its cleanest when I have to learn for an exam. And after 10h of work I’m never really in the spirit to sit down and study endless theories and statistics.


  1. A few months ago the guys from Brainzyme, a young scottish start up, reached out to me. Brainzyme is a vegan food supplement that helps with concentration, motivation and energy that is purely based on the natural ingredients of matcha, guarana, ginkgo and 11 vitamins and minerals. It’s scientifically proven claims of support in mental performance, cognition, improved concentration and reduction in tiredness are in line with EFSA and DoH regulations.

Furthermore, it comes in three different „strengths“, from the milder ‘Original’ and the stronger ‘Focus Pro’ to the ‘Focus Elite’, which also claim to lift your mood.

I was skeptical at first as I am not a big fan of supplements, but I was willing to give it a try. It couldn’t be worse than the 3 litres of coffee I had every day to keep me going. Unlike most energy drinks, Brainzyme is specially formulated to support mental cognition.


One day after they sent out my package I promptly received the „Focus Pro“ and the „Focus Elite“ variations.

I was amazed at how well it worked. After taking one or two pills I start to study and feel so much more concentrated and able to memorize things. I always learn with the Pomodoro technique, where you keep focus by dividing your work into four 25 minute sessions with a five minute break in between. Normally my eyes wander to the clock every few seconds. But with the help of Brainzyme I am so deep into my notes and texts, that I always get spooked when my alarm rings telling me my 25 minutes of study are already over.

Even the most boring topics wander onto my learning cards without any problems. Also I´ve never had any trouble falling asleep after taking it in the evening after work, which I normally would after drinking coffee or tea.

I highly recommend Brainzyme for everyone who has trouble with concentration or is just too exhausted after a long day of work to study. While a healthy rhythm and lifestyle is important,  during the busy periods or throughout exams it is a great, natural energy boost. You can however take Brainzyme every day,  there are benefits of taking it over a longer period, as the body and brain absorbs the vitamins and minerals. It is also similarly priced to many energy drinks, at circa 52p for a two-capsule dose.

Thanks to the Brainzyme Team for letting me try their great product for free. I stand 100% behind my positive review and recommend it to everyone.

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  1. Dave 24. Februar 2020

    Hi cat, your post came up when I was searching for Brainzyme reviews, and I was just wondering if you’re still taking them? Do they work long-term?

    • Anne 23. April 2020 — Beitragsautor

      Hello Dave,
      I am sorry for the late reply! I don’t take them constantly, I only take them in times when I have to study and focus a lot. So I often take them for a couple weeks and then take a month or two off in-between. I still find them very helpful.

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