Artoo related fan hyperventilation and grumpy busdrivers. My short trip to London.

Warning: This is a travel post with a lot of text and impressions, not „Dis is in my bag and here u have 3541 pictures of all the starbucks coffees I ordered“

Hey there!

Maybe you noticed that I spent a long weekend in London. I´m in love with this city since my first trip over 10 years ago.


The ocassion this time to visit the city (as if you would need that) was the Secret Cinema Star Wars event. For the ppl with a normal life and friends: Secret Cinema is an events company specialising in Live Cinema experiences, combining film screenings with interactive performances in purpose-built sets. This time with the fifth Star Wars Movie „The Empire strikes back“ as theme.

Because my boyfriend and I are really big fans, we totally wanted to go on this adventure. The best part: He spent two years in London so we had the opportunity to stay at a friends flat and he knows all the tricks you need to have the best time in London.

But back to the main theme. The Star Wars event.

It´s not cheap but totally worth it. (Spoiler free)
The journey begins with visiting the webside. „Join, the Rebellion, tell no one“. It´s not like „here are the tickets, pls come to the fair and we have two ppl in Stormtrooper Outfits.“

Everything is created like a real call to join the galactic rebell alliance. There are guttering screens and mails with the informations for your flight from the Terminal HX 1137 British Hyperspace Station. (The Earth Cargo Airlines has a frikking own Webside!!!)

As it´s vital that you dress according to your role you get in the Rebellion I spent two days in crafting costumes. I bought some stuff or already had it and added accessoires and stitch it up. I also sewed a  Jedi-like Tattoine tunika for my Mercenary lover. The galactic Explorer role I got fitted perfectly to me. Because I don´t like this excessively sexy „armour“ costumes I made mine hot, but practical. ( I mean, come on, Princess Leia in her Hoth outfit is dope). But we didn´t bought the scarfs as required. I borrowed a beige one from my mom and a friend had lend us a red one for my boy.
Friday morning we send one final message to our loved ones and let them know that we are safe. Our journey as Zara Roukeln and Marcus Ko´to  begun.


But first of all we had to go to London and traveling by Ryan Air is ways more uncomfortable than by Earth Cargo. Especially if you have to go from Düsseldorf to Cologne at 6 am first. But thankfully my friend Janika drove us to the airport. (You´re a people smuggler now..)


Finally we arrived and the city flashed me another time. Walking from Liverpool Station to our friends flat I slipped into my „this is more like home than my real home“ mood again.

The flat was great. Just one block from the Tower of London and a spectacular view to the One Canada Square Buildings.

We spent the lunchtime and early afternoon strolling trough London. Had a late breakfast at the Boroughmarket and a nice walk at the Southbankside.

In case you need german cheesecake baking mixture.



Then we got ready for the Secret Cinema. I will make an extra post when the event is finished, because I don´t want to spoil. But it was f+ucking overhelming and the absolutely best experience ever.

IMG-20150913-WA0043 IMG-20150913-WA0037

Here are 35 tips if you want to go there.  Unfortunately it was forbidden to take pictures.

 I met Artoo and nearly hyperventilated. A lot of people had great costumes, the sets were stunning and the live role play was so much fun. You can buy informations from the planet locals, find special characters and have some small adventures. I had to gamble with a special character and nearly won. Because he likes women ;D The end was overhelming. I nearly burst into tears of joy. But no spoilers.


Even the cinema was arranged like a secret space station. watching the movie was so much fun because everyone was cheering or boos at some parts. And when Leia kissed Luke the crowd nearly started a cult.
I can highly recommend to visit this event.



Because I spent some time in Scotland it was totally normal to me to greet the busdrivers. In London just one of three greets back. I was totally shocked and my boyfriend called me a noob. Nobody would say hi to the busdrivers.
I don´t want to life in a city where you can´t say hi and bye to your busdriver like in Edinburgh. D: It was a nice, little ritual every day. And everyone does it! There is just one door in the bus and you have to wait inside while everyone has the time to say goodbye to the driver.


London is different. It´s a fast city. Rule No 1: Never stand still. If you stop on the pavement everyone will rush into you. Time is money. The people eat while walking and even the eskalators are moving faster than in Germany.

It´s super interesting when you get more into the everyday London instead of the touristy attractions.

Morning has broken.

After a long long breakfast we decided to go to Barts Bazaar at Barts Pathology Museum. A museum and market full with macabre stuff. Unfortunately you had to wait about 2 hours to get in, so we just sat outside in the sun and wachted the people. It was so much fun to spy on all the cool gothic and alternative people.


When we leave I just realised that I know this place….we were at the St Batholomews hospital and got another freaky fanmoment. BBC Sherlock. Nothing more to say. Still too traumatized.



Ignore my awkward fandom smile.

Next stop was Soho, because my boy wanted me to see his favourite café. Café Boheme is a cute little place with some french food and a lot of nice drinks.


We sat down and Tom told me stories about his and life in general in London. Gooooooosh, I´m so jealous.


I wanted to visit all the gay shops, but instead of that I tried my first (and last)  bubble tea. We found a nice little vegan restaurant at the Rubert St and ate a burger and a wrap.
After strolling through Soho my boy led me to the Bricklane Market and I fell in love. I spent something like 5 hours browsing through all the vintage stores and markets.
Here and there we snacked something. It was heaven. Finally he bought me a super cute black dress. (After I tried 437 other).

IMG-20150913-WA0033 IMG-20150913-WA0042





Moon next to The Gherkin.


Liverpool Station.

Actually we wanted to go out, but we fell asleep with one of the most beautiful views instead.



… wasn´t that special but nice. Because of the rain we visited the Science Museum and after a great Lunch at the Thai Square restaurant we also walked into the Natural History Museum.
I am a total museum lover. I could spend hours in them. And f*ck yeah , dinosaurs.

Fried Tofu with fresh vegetables.


Can´t say how much I adore him.

Because our friends came back on sunday evening we had to change our flat. But ya know…. there aren´t just shiny sides in London.


Just a few minutes by walk from our former accomodation was another world. I knew about it and the dirty sides of big cities mesmerise me.

Our cheap Air BnB room was… special. It was in a back alley and a basement. But I know no fear.
But what I know is disgust. Especially when there is blood all over the bedsheets. Uh no, gross!
The room was small, but ok. I liked it, because it´s also a side of London. But we wrote our friends and they gave us asylum for one more night. Because… blood.

Because we had to wait until 12pm for them to arrive , we drank some beer and ate pizza.



20150823_201223 20150823_191127 20150823_194844n


My real name is Cathérine so… welcome to my crib.




 Our last day begun. It was raining cats and dogs again. I asked my man: „What do Londoners do when it´s raining?“
Oh dear, how could I not knew the answer.
„Drinking tea“.
Like nobody´s business I sat in a super cute café named Bea´s of Bloomsburry, drank Earl Grey, ate vegan cupcakes and watched the rain pattering against the windows while I was cuddling with my man.
How much I desired that this moment would never end. 20150824_133416




Bea’s of Bloomsbury -next to St. Pauls

But we had to heading for the airport. All pictures taken after this point are any with my super sad face.


But I´ll come back. 🙂

Can´t wait for my next adventures in this great city. There is still so much to experience.



20150823_112538 20150821_141344 20150823_163810



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