3Ina UV Collection – Party like it´s 1999 with UV Make-Up

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to test the new  UV Collection Make-Up by 3INA, a make-up brand which launched just over a year ago. The brand is known for affordable, cruelty free luxury make-up, which is produced in Europe. Some products are even vegan.

The UV Collection launched on time for the festival season and pays homage to original 80s & 90s acid house and rave flyers.

3INA explores the duality of light and dark, featuring a range of fluoro and UV activated products. The palette has been designed to flatter the face during day and celebrate the night with an phosphorescent glow under UV light.

Like all 3INA collections, these products invite creativity, self-expression and an open-minded playful attitude.

Even if going for the more natural look nowadays, I was excited when the make-up arrived. It was a throwback to my Gothic days and I am still a big fan of 80s & 90s music. Ok, 95% of my playlist are 80s and 90s smash hits. (*coughScootercough*). I got an orange creme eyeshadow (401), a black eyeliner and a nail top coat.

I needed some attempts with the eyeshadow (I´m a noob), but as soon as you find out the best way to apply it, it´s super easy and fun. The texture feels really nice and you can also use it for your cheeks. I couldn´t do a field test yet, but it gave me hard times getting it off after the shoot, which shows that the make-up will definitely survive a long party night.  But I will let you know on my instagram after attending one of the Tomas Ford „Crap Music Rave Partys“ during the Edinburgh Fringe this month. 

Also the nail top coat quality is great. Normally, nailpolish starts to flake off my nails after 5 minutes, but the coat stayed for days and days until I decided to remove it. My work colleagues and me had fun times when I was checking pound notes under the UV lights.

Thanks to Darja Bilyk for the photos and her husband for assisting with the UV Torch.

Top: Vintage from my grandma




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